Участникам конкурса предлагается разработать концепцию коллективного жилья, в котором нуждается сегодня Мехико и другие города со схожими проблемами. Коливинг должен иметь общую кухню, прачечную, пространства для отдыха, общения и обучения (некоторые из них будут открыты для всех горожан). Обязательное условие – экологичность.

● Регистрация до: 14.02.2020 ● Подача до: 29.02.2020 ● взнос: до 13.01.2020 - $84; с 14.01.2020 до 14.02.2020 - $97;

● награда:

I место - $2500; II место - $500; 3 почётных упоминания ● язык: английский, испанский ● организаторы:

Concursos AG360 ● сайт конкурса ● задание конкурса(*.pdf)



AG360, organizer of Architectural Ideas Contests, is pleased to welcome all architecture architects and students from Latin America and Europe to the International Architecture Competition "GREEN COLIVING CENTER”, to be held from November to the end of March of the year 2020.

This document includes the information to register as well as the necessary procedures to participate in the contest. This will conclude in an exhibition of the best works presented, on the website of AG360 (www.concursosag360.com), as well as a sample in various important sites of architecture worldwide.

As the main organizers of the contest, We are pleased to ask you to direct any questions or queries regarding the contest, via email to consultas@concursosag360.com regarding registration or payment to registro@concursosag360.com. On behalf of AG360 "we welcome you and we wish you all good luck to all the participating architects." AG360. International Architecture Competitions


The world population increases rapidly due to the increasing number of people who survive until the end of the reproductive age, coupled with this the migration of the population from the countryside to industrialized cities is a common global denominator.

This leads to a disproportionate increase in the population of the main cities in the world, and Latin America is no exception, this is the case in Mexico City. These figures create several pressures on cities, especially the issue of housing, which is a scarce or inaccessible asset due to the high price of properties, depriving access to income or purchase to a significant part of the population.

To plan cities of the future it is necessary to take sustainability into account and use creativity to avoid too many vertical buildings and have a good quality of life, and thus avoid the growth of irregular settlements in inhospitable areas of the city.


Рассылка анонсов архитектурных конкурсов в ВК. Для тех, кто нацелен на победу! ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ (2 месяца бесплатно)

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