W I N T E R S T A T I O N S 2 0 2 0 B E Y O N D T H E F I V E S E N S E S

Участникам конкурса предлагается разработать арт-объекты и инсталляции на тему «За пределами пяти чувств», которые позволили бы открыть новые возможности использования пляжных территорий зимой. Основа для инсталляций - металлические каркасы спасательных вышек. Размеры объектов не ограничены, но стоит помнить о том, что конструкции должны быть устойчивыми и безопасными. Лучшие проекты будут реализованы в феврале будущего года.

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реализация лучших проектов и гонорар для авторов - по 3500 $ CAD ● язык: английский ● организаторы:

Winter Stations design competition ● сайт конкурса


What is Winter Stations? Winter Stations is a single-stage international design competition held annually in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Participants are tasked with designing temporary winter art installations which incorporate existing lifeguard towers spaced strategically across the city’s Kew and Woodbine beaches. The structures (not in use in the wintertime) must not be ignored in the design and can be used as either an armature for the installations, a central feature, or otherwise linked to the installation. As in previous years, Winter Stations intends to build approximately four winning proposals for a six-week exhibition along the waterfront and, funding permitted, hopes to do so again this year. The competition is open to everyone in the world. There is no fee to enter.

Theme The Winter Stations 2020 theme is Beyond the Five Senses. How many senses do we have? And what do they tell us about the world that surrounds us and our place within it? When we think of our senses we commonly refer to sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. But we now understand there are many more, such as our sense of balance and proprioception. Our senses interact and overlap to provide us with a picture of our environment and can inform how we interact with it. The theme of Beyond the Five Senses may explore these interactions and intersections, as well as the multitude of other senses we have, or may have, to demonstrate our subjective relationship to reality or display a distorted one. Installations may show how our senses work or appeal to one or more specific senses. Ideally, the exhibition will present some understanding of how humans (and of course animals!) make meaning of their world, both internal and external. Given the success of the past years’ re-use/repurpose/recycle initiative, Winter Stations continues to encourage proposals that evolve into future iterations, as on-going research and design projects that demonstrate an environmentally conscious post-exhibition lifecycle, including de-commissioning/removal. This year, local design and art institutions will be represented by Centennial College, with a multidisciplinary team of students designing and fabricating an installation for exhibition.


Рассылка анонсов архитектурных конкурсов в ВК. Для тех, кто нацелен на победу! ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ (2 месяца бесплатно)

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